Tornado Preparedness For New Parents

May 19, 2019 - Kerri

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With storm season here and being a new parent, it was a top priority to make sure my storm shelter was ready for my baby and family. With a baby, I knew I had to pack the best I could. When it was just my husband and myself it was a breeze packing items for the shelter, with my Son packing correctly and making things a little more comfortable down in the dark shelter is much more important. Here is a list of the things I felt were important for my family to have (my Husband had a huge part in packing and selecting the items we needed).

1. Car seat - I will be taking my Son's car seat with us so he can be comfortable and if he needs to he can sleep. In addition to that, the car seat will act as an extra layer of safety for him.

2. Diapers - I packed enough for a possible overnight stay in the shelter.

3. Wipes - New unopened pack.

4. Formula

5. Bottles - I pack 2 bottles, I will use the water bottle to rinse out bottles if need be.

6. WaterBottles - We choose to keep a 24-pk of water bottles down in the shelter at all times.

7. Crank Radio - I prefer a crank radio over battery powered. Ours will play the radio and light for 15mins for every 1 min of cranking. This just makes me feel better knowing no matter how long we have to be in the shelter we will have the radio for weather updates and a light.

8. Blankets - This is just good practice in case it drops cold (have to keep the baby warm).

9. Bucket - The bucket helps in many ways, for shelter preparedness, it is great to keep snacks, blankets, ext in. On the other hand, if you are in the shelter for a long period of time you may need a bathroom break.

10. Click on Light - It may not be as important to everyone but for me I want my Son to be as comfortable as I can possibly make him while we are in the shelter. The click on lights are a great thing to have in the shelter, they can stick anywhere and give off a good amount of light.

11. Toilet Paper - You can probably guess what this is for.

12. Extra Batteries - I keep these for the light.

13. Snacks - I put some snacks for my Husband and myself in a ziplock bag.

14. First Aid Kit

15. Wrapped Pillows - We have two wrapped pillows for possible overnight stays we may have to make. This, of course, is more of a comfort thing than a necessity.

16. Come-Along - This is for worst case if something was to fall on top of the shelter it is used to pull open the shelter door.

17. Gym Mat - My Husband had the brilliant idea to use an old gym mat we had sitting around to cover the floor of the shelter. This makes it more comfortable for my Son if he wants out of his car seat to stretch, and also gives my Husband and myself a soft place to sleep.

18. Alarm - We picked up a cheap window alarm just in case we get stuck so we can set off the alarm and hopefully someone would be able to hear it and get us help.

19. Fire Extinguisher - In the event of hazardous fuels spilling into the shelter.

This is just my tornado readiness packing list. My Husband and I pack to make my Son and our family as safe and comfortable as possible during the chance we receive tornadic weather. I hope this could help you and if you have anything I did not include that you have or your packing list please feel free to comment below, I appreciate suggestions.  Stay safe during this storm season, and remember to stay Mom Strong.

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