Postpartum Hair loss

June 2, 2019 - Kerri

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Why do we have postpartum hair loss?

Everyone enjoys the lush hair we get during pregnancy, but why do we have this? During pregnancy, your hormones keep your hairs from falling out like they normally would. Because of this, you are left with thick flowing hair. It can be amazing for those of us with normally thin hair, or a burden for those with naturally thick hair.

Am I going bald?

Freaking out is acceptable. My hair loss didn’t start till around 6 months postpartum. Everyone tells you about the hair loss but until you experience it you will not understand how bad it is. I just noticed one day that huge chunks of hair were falling to the floor. In the shower just rubbing shampoo through my hair was making it fall out. For the next month and a half I lost hair at an alarming rate, hair balls covered the carpet every day. Cleaning the vacuum head out was necessary every time I vacuumed. I would look in the mirror and see the patches on my head where the hair was falling out. I personally struggled with self-image after having my baby. Learning to love my new body was hard for me at first. I am far from perfect, the struggle was real, and the hair loss did not help. Thankfully I have worked through some of my insecurities with my new body and embrace it. After reading through many articles saying not to worry the hair will grow back, I decided to let go of the fear I had every time a hand full of hair fell out.

Growing back and loving you

Now that all the hair loss is over I’m slowly growing back all the hair lost. On a funny note when I put my hair in a ponytail now, I have a mohawk of tiny baby hairs that are growing back on the top of my head. While I'll miss the thick pregnancy hair I am thankful for the little baby mohawk growing back on my head. My husbands love and the beautiful baby boy I have been blessed with makes it worth every shower drain and vacuum head I had to clean out. Seeing the beauty in life postpartum was hard at first, but when you finally learn to love your body and appreciate the things it has given you, you will see just how beautiful you are. If you are struggling with self-love please lean on the ones you love. They will show you how much you mean to them and help you till you can love yourself again. Your loved ones and the beautiful little one you have in your life love you no matter what. Thank you for reading, and remember to stay Mom Strong!

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