May 22, 2019 - Kerri

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I cannot believe it has been a little over 8 months since my husband and myself were blessed with my handsome baby boy. Time has flown by and my baby has grown so much. So much has changed all for the good. Every time he does something new it makes me want to cry because I'm so happy for him and I remember just only a few months prior he was such a tiny baby that needed me for everything. These are just a blog on some new things my son is doing at 8 months and some things he loves.


Every day is a new adventure is an understatement. My baby boy is now 8 months old and full throttle. He learned how to crawl shortly after turning 7 months. Ever since then he is always on the go, which has been a lot of fun and also a new challenge. The once open house is now covered with a baby gate from wall to wall. And let me tell you the baby gate is wonderful for wrangling in your little one but is also an average sized parent's worst nightmare. I cannot tell you how many times I have already tripped over it. Who needs exercise when you have a hurdle to cross every five minutes right in your living room. The thing I really started to notice at 8 months is he's really showing his own little personality. This has been the most amazing thing, nothing can make me laugh until tears like seeing my son show his personality. Don’t get me wrong I definitely see my personality in him too, especially when he decides he wants to be a little stubborn. I love to lay in his toy area and play with him. In these moments he takes every chance to use me as a jungle gym. Nothing melts my heart more than when I ask him for a kiss, he leans in and gives me a big sloppy kiss on the cheek then he leans back and smiles the biggest smile. My baby is growing fast currently wearing 12-18 month clothes. He is a sleeper so I got lucky there, he sleeps 8 hours every night which is amazing. Most parents ask about his sleep and very soon let us know how blessed we are that he likes to sleep a full 8 hours. Bath time is becoming much more fun for him, slowly he is learning to play in the water. This means mom generally ends up soaking wet by the end from all the splashes. These are just a few of the new things he is doing at 8 months.


We are currently working on a few things with him. He likes to be crawling all the time so learning to sit up is not high on his To-Do list. He is capable of sitting just currently lacks the want. We are also learning to eat food other than Stage 1 baby food. We made progress then he went into this short period were he wouldn’t eat anything that did not come out of a bottle.


His favorite movie at this point is Wreck-it-Ralph, and when it is on there is no distracting him from it. There are things that will happen in the movie or the characters will say that will make him belly laugh every time. Toys are much more important to him now and he does have a favorite stuffed animal he loves to snuggle right before naps. Taking his socks off and waving them around is very entertaining to him, even though mom has to scavenger hunt for socks before laundry day. He loves beard kisses from Dad, his dad rubs his beard against his neck and he cannot get enough. We recently took him to the Zoo for the first time. He absolutely loves seeing all the animals, the flamingos currently being his favorite. The vacuum is his favorite thing that he can never get. I thought it was funny because most people told me that babies were normally scared of the vacuum, not my son. The second the vacuum comes on he is determined to get it. He enjoys sitting on the couch next to his Dad and myself. Standing up while holding onto Mom’s hands are high on his list of things he loves to do, an ear to ear smile is what you can expect in these moments.

Thanks for checking out the article and if your baby was doing anything funny at 8 months or had some favorite toys or movies feel free to comment them below. The Mom Strong Crew would love to hear everybody’s different experiences at 8 months. Keep a lookout for the months to come, probably will have much more to tell by 9 months. Thanks again and remember to stay Mom Strong.

2 comments on “LIFE WITH AN 8 MONTH OLD”

  1. Sounds like you have a good baby. At 8 months, my son was not doing very much except yelling at me. Think that was about the time he was getting most of his teeth. What types of food are you feeding him? We are still doing bottles.

    1. Thanks for the comment. And yes my son is an amazing baby. Teething is the worst for them, I think I felt worse about him teething than he did. Currently, he likes Stage 2 baby foods with squash, sweet potatoes, or banana in them. He is not really big on the baby food that is a little chunky currently, but we are hopeful he will grow to love them the more he learns to eat whole foods better.

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