May 25, 2019 - Kerri

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Recently for my first Mothers day, my husband got my first meal kit subscription. I listen to a lot of podcasts and always hear them advertise for all these different meal kits, so I have been interested in them for a while. As a little side note, I'm definitely not a cook. I know very little about cooking and have been known to burn about everything I touch. Yes, I gave my husband full disclosure on this before we got married, so this was no surprise to him. Anyway, we sat down and picked from our eight choices of savory dishes. We chose our three meals and waited for the package to arrive.

^Above is a before and after of one of the meals.^

  • Eight very different choices in meals
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Cancel at any time and can also skip weeks
  • Great price at $4.99 per meal
  • Delivered the same day every week
  • Comes in an insulated box with ice packs to keep food cool till you put the food away

  • Everything is pre-portioned
  • All the meals can be made in a reasonable amount of time
  • They offer two or four serving boxes

After receiving our first box my husband and I have currently eaten six of their meals so far and they have truly been delicious. The best part is with the pre-portioned ingredients and simple recipes, even someone with my cooking skill can create an amazing dinner that would impress anyone. Personally, I love sauces and this has taught me so many healthy ways to season my food without all the sugary sauce. Another great part is you need very little from your personal pantries like salt and pepper.

I have looked at many meal kit subscriptions but could not find a better deal for the quality of food you receive with Every Plate. When I’m ready to cook dinner there is no stress of wondering if I have all the ingredients or trying to google how to cook it. I just pull out my box, recipe, pull out the ingredients listed for that meal and start cooking. One thing I’m guilty of is cooking the same three meals and making way to much food for two adults. When we started this box we get just the right amount of food. We always feel full after eating the meal which was something I was concerned about before we got the box. I can’t say enough good things about Every Plate it’s a great price, amazing meals, and the quality of the food is appreciable.

If you tried Every Plate please feel free to comment below with your favorite recipe. For those of you with different meal kits, please comment on the box below and the things you liked about it. After you read this if you try Every Plate and love it let us know. We love to hear from the Mom Strong Crew. Thanks and remember stay Mom Strong.

2 comments on “EVERY PLATE REVIEW”

  1. Can you put a picture of the ingredients for the meals on here? My husband, and I have been interested in this for quite awhile now. We are worried if they give you enough food. I know you said they fill your family up but everyone is different.

    1. Sure can! If you check back at the post, the before and after pictures of one of the meals is up for viewing. Thanks for the comment!

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