Diaper Bag Essentials

May 27, 2019 - Kerri

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Will the House Fit in Bag?

Stocking the diaper bag can make or break a day out. Do you pack up the whole house and try to carry it on your back? Do you pack minimally? What do you really need in your bag? So many things factor into how you pack your diaper bag for any given day. Where you are going, how long you will be gone, and age-specific items. Your diaper bag packing skills can help you manage the mini-crisis throughout the day. It can also be helpful to the parents too. No napkin no problem wet wipes are in the side pocket. Hiding mom snacks in the bottom of the bag no problem, gummies are in the front pocket at the bottom. The perfectly packed diaper bag can really save the day.

Bye Bye Purse

When I had my son I ditched my purse and slowly transferred the contents to the diaper bag. Tried to carry my purse but between the diaper bag, purse, and baby in the car seat, it just was not necessary and had to be retired for a bit. I just consider it as a mini vacation for my purse, it still gets taken out on date nights and honestly feels weird to me not to have the diaper bag around. It is like my multi-tool, great for many things. Below is my basic checklist for my son’s diaper bag. This list is based on baby's 0-8 months of age. Packing will differ for all age groups.


  • Diapers – Don’t forget to change out sizes as baby grows. I pack as many as my little side pocket will hold.
  • Wipes – I try to keep a pack at least half full then switch it out for new. The other pack I use for in the house changes.
  • A change of clothes for baby – Keep these updated to little one’s current size, and keep in mind the season you will want to pack appropriately.
  • Plastic baby diaper bags to tie up the stinky diapers – I definitely recommend these!
  • Bottles filled with formula powder – You will want to make sure to rotate them out to keep the formula fresh.
  • Water bottles for the Formula
  • Sanitizer
  • Extra Pacifier – This is the one thing I always seem to forget.
  • Bottle of sunscreen
  • Small First aid kit
  • Burp Cloth
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Light blanket

Nonessential Items:

  • Gum
  • Wallet
  • Cellphone
  • Lip gloss
  • And much more

Honestly, I’m not a light packer, I am guilty of overpacking for everything. Others may pack less or more. If you pack anything you consider essential that I don’t have on the list feel free to comment it below. If you have any tips on packing lighter comment below we would love to hear from you. The Mom Strong Crew loves to hear different diaper bag packing ideas. Thanks and remember stay Mom Strong!

2 comments on “Diaper Bag Essentials”

  1. Didn't really think about rotating the formula in the bag. I usually keep snacks for both the baby and my toddler. Just keep the snacks dry, crackers, rice sticks, and those melty snacks. I try not to put anything in the bag that will melt in the heat, or get sticky! Great article Kerri, what's coming up next?

    1. Thank you! Great idea never thought of the melting gummies! Would have learned that the hard way this summer when all my snacks melted! Look for my next post on the Mom Bods, it will be up tomorrow.

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