7 First Time Mommy Fears We’ve All Had

June 6, 2019 - Kerri

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Expecting a new member of the family can be extremely scary. You think being responsible for yourself is hard enough, now you have to keep this precious baby healthy and happy. Seems like a daunting task to the new parents. The worst part is this little human has no way of telling you what is wrong. The cries sound all the same, what are you to do? Don’t worry you are not alone many new parents worry about things before the baby arrives. Here is a small list of seven fears I had before my son arrived.

1. Slippery Baby – I had and still have a fear that I am going to drop my slippery son post-bath. Bathing my son was a team sport. My husband and I had to work as a team to bath his little slick body. Now I have much more confidence; so bathing him by myself is easy. I turn on fun songs for him and he splashes around while I bathe him.

2. Germs! - Before the baby arrived I had everything planned out in my head of what I would do to fight off the germs. If he dropped his pacifier I planned to always have an extra to replace it with. I even bought wipes to clean them with. Keeping him away from sick people and not letting him put everything in his mouth. Now post baby I realize that it is just unrealistic to do those things all the time. Now we support the five-second rule for pacifier drops, and keeping him in a bubble away from the sick people was just impossible when you have to get out during flu season. You just pray they don’t decide to touch stuff and immediately stick their hands in their mouth.

3. Cutting Finger Nails – Those wiggly little noodle fingernails babies have are hard to cut. As I learned, it can be even scarier to cut your babies fingernails the more they get to moving around. I used to dread cutting my newborn's fingernails it was always so scary, I was worried I'd cut his skin or something bad would happen. Let me tell you it doesn’t get easier, at least for me it hasn’t.

4. Dirty Diaper in Public – The fear of changing the first dirty diaper in public is real. I was so worried about this during pregnancy and when the baby was born. Being stuck in the bathroom with a baby, a stinky diaper, and screaming the pressure is on for the new mom to change them in a good amount of time with no flaws. I think my biggest fear was other veteran moms would judge me based on my dirty diaper changing skills. Little did I know all moms are at the mercy of their wiggling dirty bum baby.

5. Is My Baby Doing What He Should At His Age? - A fear I had to learn to get over is the fear my baby may be behind. Now that I think back it was such a silly thing to fear. Now I accept that as long as I do what I can to help my baby, he will be the best he can be at any point in his life. Just because he is not doing something other babies are doing at his age doesn’t mean he is behind. All babies develop at different speeds and you should just enjoy every step of the way.

6. Do I Need This? - The task of getting everything you think you need for that new baby to be comfortable. Staring down the baby aisle debating in your head if you need certain things for the baby or just things you may need to make new mom life easier. If you are like me you probably overbought and have a huge pile of things you just didn’t need. The best thing I found was to ask moms what they thought were necessities. This is the best way to get what you NEED first, then you can look into the things you may just want to make new mom life easier.

7. Does My Baby Like Me? - A big fear even to this day is if my baby likes me. During my pregnancy, my biggest fear was that my son would not like me when he met me. I worried to the point I was even having a nightmare of my little one showing up and not wanting to be around me. No need to worry though new moms to be, you will know that your little one truly loves you no matter what. You will have a bond that will never go away. Every morning when I go to get him up out of his bed he crawls over to me with a big smile and hugs me around my neck as I tell him I love him and he grunts his little baby words back at me. I know then just how much he loves me back.

Thanks for reading! If you had any new mom fears feel free to comment them below. Remember stay Mom Strong!

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